After a successful life changing operation in St Louis, Missouri, Susanna Petersburska who suffers from cerebral palsy has now arrived back in the UK.

Susanna was released from hospital five days after her operation in October to begin her new journey and intense physiotherapy that would allow her to take her first steps. Making progress daily, she took her first unassisted steps on November 11th only three weeks after surgery!

Susanna arrived back in the UK with her family just before Christmas and since being home, Susanna continues with her physiotherapy almost daily. She is achieving greater accomplishments through her determination and dedication, and recently she took 40 steps all on her own! A true credit to this little girl’s will and desire to enjoy life to the full.


Susanna’s journey is not over, she still has a long period of physiotherapy ahead of her but none of this could have been possible without the help of all of you! We would like to thank, along with Susanna and her family, the incredible generosity of all our guests who have made this little girl’s dream come true.

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