What makes Frankie’s, well, Frankie’s?

The instantly recognisable red neon sign and warm inviting interior will ease you into the Frankie & Benny’s experience before you can take your coat off! In typical stateside fashion, great service at Frankie & Benny’s is second to none. Nothing is too much trouble for our obliging and friendly staff. So loosen your tie, relax, settle into your booth seat and relish the wonderful feeling of a very satisfied appetite!

The Frankie & Benny’s Story...

Rumour has it that Frankie Giuliani was 10 years old when, with his Mamma and Poppa, he left Sicily and landed at Ellis Island, New York in 1924.

They moved in with relatives in ‘Little Italy’, a predominantly Italian neighbourhood. Poppa soon found work, but from the home country he'd brought a little money and a lot of ambition. It was no surprise then, when the family opened a restaurant within a year, everybody helping with the building and the cooking in equal measure.

Each of them had a favourite dish to contribute, but it was Mamma's home-style cooking that was the base from which the business prospered. Frankie went to the nearby High School and became lifetime friends with Benny, already a third generation American.

In 1953 Poppa retired and Frankie and Benny took over the business, combining the best of popular American food with traditional Italian dishes. The rest, as they say, is history...


"A decade after we opened the first Frankie & Benny’s, my family decided it was time to start something new, things were going great but Papa always taught us that time never stands still and we should forever be thinking of fresh ideas.

We spent many months talking to our friends to find out what they loved best about Frankie and Benny’s and how we could bring all of these great things to their local neighbourhood. Finally Little Frankie’s was born, but was it what the people wanted? A trickle of curious locals soon became a stream of regulars all enjoying the relaxed atmosphere, quick service and superb choice we offered. People in the Little Italy district soon began to return with friends from all over Manhattan and more followed - Little Frankie’s was a big success - Papa was proud and we’ve never looked back!"

So what brings in the crowds? Is it our flavour packed burgers made with the finest beef, our tasty range of sandwiches; the succulent BBQ ribs - or is it the freshly made pizza cooked to order on a light and crispy base? Maybe it’s the warmth of the welcome and the friendly service that makes everybody feel at home?

Whatever the reason, one thing’s for sure - Little Frankie’s is the only place to be this side of town!