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Can you tap our F&B characters through four fantastic worlds? Challenge your mates with your high score - do you think they’re good enough to beat you? For the best game experience please use the latest version of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

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Meet the gang


likes to drink his famous drink, the Sketch-Quencher, a mix of apple juice and blackcurrant! Sketch is one hungry dog and loves cake! Look out for his big belly! You can usually see him in our restaurants handing out balloons or joining in with the birthday celebrations. He loves to get outside too and go for a walk – have you seen Sketch in your local town?


is the newest member of the gang! She likes to keep active and eat healthily. She always enjoys an apple before her meal or to take away and has a side of vegetables with her Penne Pasta. Missy is very fast, so you’ll have to be very quick to spot her!

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