Visit Frankie's with the family

From 6th to 28th of April we’re giving away free slime with every kids’ meal ordered in our Frankie & Benny’s restaurants. There are 5 different slime pots, and different collectible toys hidden in each of them. Can you collect them all before they’re gone?

Introduce your kids to our collectibles:


Dorothy is a sporty lady, she’s very good at swimming and can jump up to 15 feet in the air. She jumped in the blue pot as it reminds her of the ocean


Have you always dreamt about encountering a unicorn? Then meet Sparkles! She is one bright girl and likes to be seen, that’s why her favourite colour is pink!


He is the youngest of the group, with very bright yellow and orange feathers. He picked the green pot as it looks like grass


Rainbow is Sparkles’ best friend. He loves colours, all of them, that’s why his tail and mane are so colourful! It was hard for him to choose just one for his pot!


A very tidy triceratops, Dave’s favourite colour is white. Unfortunately we couldn’t find him this slime colour so he picked blue instead

Bring the family down!

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