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Address: Unit c2, Dundee Street, Fountain Park
Edinburgh, EH11 1AF
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Fountain Park

Buzzing with the sound of lively chatter, this restaurant attracts everybody from couples and parties of friends out for good times and great food, to families treating themselves to a night out. In typical Stateside fashion, service at Frankie & Benny’s is second to none, so loosen your tie, relax, settle into your booth and relish the wonderful feeling of a very satisfied appetite.
  • Opening times: Mon:9am - 10pm
    Tue:9am - 10pm
    Wed:9am - 10pm
    Thu:9am - 10pm
    Fri:9am - 10pm
    Sat:9am - 10pm
    Sun:9am - 10pm
  • Contact: 01312286796
  • Facilities:
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