Restaurant details & bookings

Do your restaurants take bookings?

What are your opening times?

Do I have to confirm my booking?

What facilities do you have?

Do you allow unaccompanied under 16 year olds in your restaurants?

The menu

Do you list calories on your menus?

Do you have options for vegetarians or vegans?

Do you cater for gluten-free diets?

I have a small appetite, as an adult can I order from the Kids' menu?

What is your European Chicken Commitment?

Offers, promotions and discounts

Where can I find details of Frankie & Benny's offers and promotions?

I don't have a printer. How can I use the discount voucher on your website?

Why can't I use my voucher with the lunch, fixed-price, breakfast menu or the Family Feast?

Takeaways at Frankie & Benny’s

Why can't I order my favourite Frankie & Benny's items online?

What times can I order for?

What if something is wrong with my order?

What if I want to add something to my order?

Is there a minimum order value?

Celebrations & Birthdays

Do you cater for children's parties?

Do you do anything special for birthdays?

Gift vouchers

Can I purchase a Frankie & Benny’s voucher?

Working with us

I am interested in a career with Frankie & Benny's, how can I find what opportunities are available?

Do Frankie & Benny's pay minimum wage in full?

Do your waiting staff receive their tips?

Do you make all your food from scratch in your kitchens?

Our Responsible Drinking Policy

Why can't a 16 or 17 year old be served alcohol with their meal when this is perfectly legal?

My child is 18 but was asked for ID and refused alcohol because they didn't have any, why?

What is Order and Pay?

Using Pay My Bill

What is Order and Pay?

What payment options do you accept?

Is it secure?

Not answered your question?

Not answered your question?