Frankie & Benny’s New York Italian Restaurants
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Frankie & Benny’s

The instantly recognisable red neon sign and warm inviting interior will ease you into the Frankie & Benny’s experience before you can take your coat off! In typical stateside fashion, great service at Frankie & Benny’s is second to none. Nothing is too much trouble for our obliging and friendly staff. So loosen your tie, relax, settle into your booth seat and relish the wonderful feeling of a very satisfied appetite!

Legend has it that Frankie Giuliani was 10 years old when, with his Mamma and Poppa, he left Sicily and landed at Ellis Island, New York in 1924. They moved in with relatives in Little Italy. From the home country Poppa brought a little money and a lot of ambition.

It was no surprise then, when the family opened a restaurant within a year. It was Mamma's home-style cooking and special recipe sauces that kept the regulars comin’ back for more. In 1953 Poppa retired and Frankie took over the business with his ol’ school pal Benny.

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